May Cool Kid Pairings

An inspired monthly pairing for our wine club because we actually want you to try your monthly club wines before you take them home! 

If you're not in the club, no worries! 

You can still try these delicious pairings. 

1st Course 

Blackberry Salad / Grilled Skirt Steak / Crouton / Parmesan / Onion 

Paired with J. Mourat Collection 2020 Red Blend

2nd Course

Grilled Chicken Thigh / Pistachio Dust / Burrata / Blueberry Lemon Thyme Jam / Basil

Paired with Borsao 2019 Garnacha

3rd Course

Fettuccine / Cheddar Cheese Sauce / Tomato / Italian Sausage / Panko / Red Pepper 

Paired with Stillman St. 2018 Chardonnay

$112 for 2 people (includes one glass of wine with each course)
$75 wine club price 

(3 courses and 3 glasses are meant to split between 2 people)