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As you can surmise from our name we’re nuts about grapes. Period. It is Wine Maniacs passion and a passion that was born right here in Oconomowoc. Wine Maniacs exists today because a group of friends decided they wanted to drink better wines than were available in our area’s retail establishments. Actually we wanted more than better, we wanted to have at our disposal great wines. You know. The kind of wine you talk about the next day.

Wine you remember years from now kind of wine. And of course being the frugal Maniacs we are, we certainly didn’t want to pay retail prices for all this fun. The rest they say is history.

Welcome to Wine Maniacs

Wine Maniacs is Oconomowoc’s first locally owned and operated wine bar & bistro and wine retail establishment. Wine Maniacs is located on Brown St (Hwy P North) and is being updated and its product selections are in the continuing process of being exponentially upgraded. Wine Maniacs has one goal; we want to be this area’s premiere provider of exceptional quality wines.

Rules of the Game

Our wines are sold by the case (12 bottles of one type to a case).  As you discover wines you would like to add to your personal collections, please note that according to state law, all requests must be processed and executed at Wine Maniacs Wine Bar & Bistro, W359 N5002 Brown St., Oconomowoc, WI 53066. Wine Maniacs will contact you to confirm your request.


– Your Wine Maniacs

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